Introduce staff and projects



Steve J. South

Co-founder, CEO

James Jaehun Kim


Chris Sungkook Kim





Kist Smart Farm 2.0

  • Smart Farm 2.0 is the project that extracts some plant features from images without measuring each plant by human hands to observe the growth of the plants. Some object detection and computer vision techniques are used in this project.
  • Project Document : Image based Plant Growth Analysis System


SNU DataLab R Package Upgrade Project

  • The performance of Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models(DHGLM) R package is improved by 50% using RCPP moduels.
  • Project Document : Package ‘dhglm’


Web Anomaly Detection A.I consulting in KNIR

  • Unsupervied learning is applied in web anomaly detection and we developed the prototype version of the system to change reactive network security strategy into proactive network security strategy.



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